GFWC Fall Board – September 2017

Report of GFWC Fall Board held in Orlando, September 22-24, 2017
                                                         by Julia Gaudio

GFWC Woman’s Club of Delray Beach was represented by Julia Gaudio and Deborah Arrigo, who stayed at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

Since it was Debbie’s first time at a Fall Board, she attended an informative First Time Attendee Workshop.  Julia and Debbie were informed of proper procedures at an Arts and Crafts Workshop, learning that all paperwork must be sent to Joy Wright at State level.  Entries must be placed in the proper categories; Club- and State-entry releases must be signed and mailed to Mary Butler.  All pertinent information can be found on GFWC Florida web site.

At the Membership Workshop, a few suggestions on how to increase and retain membership included:  1) “Power of One,” whereby if one member invites a friend or neighbor, this could lead to a possible new member; 2)That the clubs purchase pins marking a new membership and pins representing the years of service; 3) That the meetings should be fun, with guest speakers of interest; 4) That at each meeting, a member or board member of the club should be at the door to greet all members, including guests and possible new members (making everyone feel welcomed).

The scrapbooks submitted by other clubs were viewed, and different fundraising events were discussed in a Fundraising Workshop.   Some examples are:  Poker Card Night, Fashion Shows, Bingo Night, and the selling of products supported by GFWC.

The last Workshop was on Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention.  It was discussed how women can protect themselves, to always be aware of their surroundings, to report any abuse, mental, physical, or sexual abuse to the authorities immediately.  Also mentioned was that October is Child Abuse Month and all clubs and its members should tie a purple ribbon around palm trees.  The ribbons can be purchased through GFWC Florida.

At the brunch on Sunday morning, it was announced that at Fall Board $12,678.00 was raised for the President’s “Project Hacienda Ranch.”

Julia and Debbie expressed appreciation for being allowed to represent the Delray Beach Woman’s Club.