About Us

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Delray Beach is a non-profit organization comprised of a diverse group of women dedicated to volunteering in Delray Beach. Through community involvement and financial contributions, the club has supported a variety of local organizations including the Caring Kitchen, the Achievement Centers for Children & Families, the Delray Beach Public Library, and the 505 Teen Center.

The Club’s mission statement defines our purpose. The GFWC Woman’s Club of Delray Beach is dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  We are your neighbor, a co-worker, a retiree, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, a public employee, a community professional, a friend, parent, or grandparent.    Participation in the Club for many of us has been rewarded with lifelong friendships.

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Delray Beach elected its slate of officers for the 2017 year:                                

l-r, Janice Stern, Mary Hochman, Jo-Ann Haros, Trish Jacobson, Debbie Arrigo, Elaine Grossomanides, Mary Reis
l-r, Janice Stern, Mary Hochman, Joann Haros, Trish Jacobson, Debbie Arrigo, Elaine Grossomanides, Mary Reis

Serving as Co-Presidents for 2017 are Joann Haros and Trish Jacobson.  Bette Forman was elected First Vice-President (absent from photo). Debbie Arrigo and Elaine Grossomanides will share as Co-Second Vice Presidents.  Continuing to serve as officers are Mary Reis, Recording Secretary, and Janice Stern, Corresponding Secretary.  Mary Hochman was elected  as the new Treasurer.

“We’re excited to have a very strong new board leading the organization,” said Haros.  “Our new officers are all committed to seeing our organization succeed in our community.”

img_0598Also at the Installation Meeting held  December 14, the members donated a variety of new books to the Teen Center for the start of a mini library for those not able to visit the Delray Beach Public Library or simply to read while at the Teen Center.  Featured in the photo above are:  Danielle Pearson of the Teen Center, Kae Jonsons of the Delray Beach Public Library Development, Mykah Banta, Acting Director of the Library, Cicely Douglas who heads the youth programs at the Library, and Trish Jacobson,Co-President of the GFWC Women’s Club.

The Delray Chamber of Commerce held a “Volunteer Delray 2016” day at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts Old School Square Pavilion on November 4 – “Meet the Local Nonprofit Organizations.”  GFWC Woman’s Club was represented by Maria Mercaldo, Elaine Grossomanides, Marilyn Miller, and Mary Ellen Sullivan.                                                            

 Fundraising:   Our main fundraiser, REAL MEN BAKE, is an all-you-can-eat feast of baked goods, sweet and savory, prepared and served by men!   This event is the Club’s main source of revenue for the year.  “Real Men Bake & Rock at the Sock Hop” was held on April 15, 2016, at The Fieldhouse (formerly, the Vintage Gym) at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts, Old School Square. Mike Perry was the fantastic  DJ.   Proceeds will benefit charities assisting women and children in our community.
Lori Martel, Chris Cecconi, Maggie Saab

The Club also purchases books for Orchard View Elementary School and delivers sweets to residents of Abbey Delray

Chris Cecconi and Orchard View Elementary School Principal Kathleen DePuma

This year, members chose to purchase and donate books for Orchard View Elementary School, rather than hold an annual gift exchange. In addition, members also purchased and sorted sweets that were delivered to seniors in Abbey Delray.

Lynne Wolff, Iris McDonald, Rita Balke

“Our organization has continued to grow over the last few years and we’re now able to do more for our community,” Jacobson said. “Our members enjoy being an important part of Delray Beach and are proud to support our schools, our libraries and other organizations.”

GFWC volunteers working at the “Nutrition in a Knapsack” program once a week

We have fun, too!   After each meeting, members go to lunch at a Delray Beach restaurant.   We attend  performances at the local playhouses and the Arts Garage, occasionally plan group dinners with significant others in attendance, participate in activities sponsored by other Delray Beach groups such as “Search & the City” and the Lady Atlantic sail.  The Club has a book group that meets monthly for discussions and analysis of a novel.   During summer months, members continue to socialize through the  “Lunch Bunch” group.  We do make time for social activities.  We believe that after hard work, we should play!   Learn more about us by clicking on  Facebook:  Woman’s Club of Delray Beach

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District 10 Annual Meeting with GFWC FL State President Carole Weaver and GFWC FL 1st Vice President Sharon Oliphant











District 10 Meeting on May 20, 2017, was hosted by the Sebastian Junior Women’s Club in Sebastian, FL.  The attendees from the Woman’s Club of Delray Beach were Joann Haros, Julie Gaudio, and JoAnn Gillen..