College Scholarships Given Students


The Delray Woman’s Club selects, through application, female Atlantic High School Seniors who meet the Club’s College Scholarship criteria.  The Club awards an annual college scholarship in the amount of $1,000. per year for four years to the winner.
On May 15, 2019, Jean Landiker Harrigan presented the Delray GFWC Senior Scholarship to Rebecca Guillaume, a bright and driven student who has been an honors student her entire four years at Atlantic High School.  As a Senior, Rebecca is in her fourth year in both Early Childhood and AVID academies.  She works part-time and has volunteered nearly 200 hours in the Delray Beach community.  Additionally, she is a star athlete on the track and field team since being a freshman.   She is also a member of the Student Government Association and a mentor for the Scholar Career Coaching Club.
Her high school counselor reported that Rebecca always exudes a positive attitude and has a great rapport with her peers and staff.  
The Delray Woman’s Club mentors each scholarship recipient for the four years, truly believing in investing in the success of local youth, their education and overall success, hoping these talented and passionate students will reside in Delray Beach upon completion of their education.