THE GFWC FLORIDA FEDERATION OF WOMEN’S CLUBS has exciting ways for women to benefit from membership:

1. Opportunities for friendship, fun, and fellowship.

  • District meetings are held 4 to 10 times per year.
  • GFWC Florida Annual State Convention and Fall Board are held every year.
  • GFWC Southern Region (5 states) Conference is held once a year.
  • Annual GFWC International Convention is held once a year.
  • Make new friends from all over the district, state, region, and nations.
  • You make Federated contacts who are there when you need them.

2. Lots of materials/resources are available – many free or at minimal cost.

  • “Florida Club Woman” newspaper (4 times/year); “GFWC Club Woman” (6 times/ year);
  • GFWC Florida Administrative/Reporting Handbooks and the GFWC Handbook;
  • Weekly GFWC newsletters; and lots of free handouts are received at District workshops,
    Fall Board, and from GFWC Florida State Chairwomen;
  • GFWC and GFWC Florida web sites;
  • information on every aspect of parliamentary procedure;
  • discounts on Club Liability and Club BOD’s Liability Insurance;
  • periodic trips to State and Federal capitals to lobby for women’s issues.

3. Wonderful resource people are available with many project/program ideas.

4. Opportunities for personal renewal, motivation, and enthusiasm.

5. Opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

6. Ideas for club projects.

7. Opportunities to “Make a Difference”; e.g., disaster relief, literacy, domestic violence awareness, etc.

8. Visit the GFWC web site at www.gfwc.org and the GFWC Florida web site at www.gfwcflorida.org.